Question! How, in a drawing, could I best display my technical skills? This is for my CSSSA  animation application, and I’d like to hear your opinions! Do you think technical skills could be showcased best through…

Life/Observational drawings? A landscape? A still life? 

Or something else entirely?

  1. joleinkirpestein answered: Definitely Life/Observ. drawings! Animation is all about observation after all. Character designs, and comics, to show your narrative skills
  2. pillowcloud answered: life
  3. puchongita answered: observational def. esp for portfolios they want life usually
  4. juliafliess answered: Life/Observational drawings
  5. ramla-nana answered: I think a good way would be to create a sort of life/observational collage. A collage of a real life scene displaying all your capabilities
  6. thewildestthingofall answered: for animation? Your drawing have so much life in them i don’t see how they wouldn’t just accept you on the spot but a life drawing never hurt
  7. shitarianasays answered: life/observational drawings?
  8. cdawgdraws said: Continuing… Unless that still life is impeccably amazing. They just want to see that you DO have drawing skill since at times personal work isn’t always perfect in its anatomy or perspective etc. I’m applying too! Good luck. I hope to meet you.
  9. cdawgdraws answered: So I asked my friends who did CSSSA and basically you want life/observational highly realistic stuff. I would avoid a still life though.
  10. detectivetoony answered: I guess it depends on how many drawings you can submit. I think any of the options will suffice if you show your use of line/color/etc too.
  11. thestoryofcalvin answered: Life/ Observational Drawing. You have a fantastic ways of showing emotion and creating beautiful moments from the simplest things.
  12. juh-emy answered: You could make a drawing with the theme “imagination” or “inspiration” and then you would be able to do ANYTHING. Try it, you will do great.
  13. aeritchieart answered: Drawings of people on the streets, the variety in clothing, face shapes, hair etc. variety is the key to showing your skills :B
  14. fishtailsandsnails answered: I feel your original characters put into the form of realism would be an interesting contrast and keep all your art connected
  15. cola-cunt answered: A mash up of a few different things? ;) x
  16. isucrose answered: in any fineart portoflios, the ability to draw from observations, line qualities, texture analysis, color/tone understanding is important.
  17. toopsy answered: Observational drawings
  18. rukiastar answered: Draw whatever you want, but give it depth, texture, life. I have no idea if that helped. lol
  19. seathathasbecomeknown answered: For technical skills, I would say a still life. But with your talent, I think you could really pull off whatever. :)
  20. polarbales answered: I would show them examples of different types of mediums such as digital, traditional (pencils), inks and color pencils/paint lifedrawing too
  21. acciotardis-plzkthnx answered: landscape, I think. They’re not easy. They have a lot of detail and a lot going on in most cases.
  22. kawaiku-ne answered: life obs. what you enjoy drawing most, but show fluidity more than anatomy.
  23. borishu said: Often sketches of real people display the best of your abilities. Most (art) colleges also require that you have timed sketches, such as 5 minute poses etc. hope this helps :)
  24. lyragoblin answered: If we’re talking people, then emotional range (face and body). But you should prolly have all three of what you said, too.
  25. veartotheright answered: My best guess is a life/observational drawing! Depending on what you do, it could showcase a ton of techniques!
  26. thenorcalnative answered: OBSERVATION OBSERVATION OBSERVATION! I know it’s what the majority of people said, but I’m adding it for EMPHASIS.
  27. chebits answered: landscapes, life drawings, cafe drawings, still life is good too. Check if they have guidelines. But drawing from life is always a safe bet
  28. samgravity answered: Input creativity into the world around you. Create a landscape familiar to you and imagine creatures in the corners.
  29. lionphantom answered: Life/observation drawings are a MUST for your application/portfolio to all art schools. Trust me, I know. I’m also an animation major :)
  30. thehuplah answered: all of the above.
  31. rachelmloose answered: Maybe a figure drawing. Actually, no. When juding anatomy, they’re typically harsher…maybe a still life? W/e you pick, observational.
  32. sstarfishyy answered: OBSERVATIONAL. anything that you draw from real life is great to have in a portfolio. be it people or a still life, they’re all great.
  33. dailen-ogden answered: As someone who has already made it into art school, I can tell you that life drawing is definitely the way to go. THEY LOVE THAT STUFF.
  34. stephalefagus said:… —- the blog, if you wanted the site :) Good luck getting in! you deserve it :)
  35. the-improbable-lantsov answered: I would go with observational drawings,or something along those lines. I feel like you’d do well with something like that! Good luck! :D
  36. twentyonesketchbooks answered: its up for interpretation, most likely all of the above.
  37. thekazzu answered: All of the above. For some reason they like Life drawings the most though
  38. hanoodles answered: Anything observational! People, your environment, it shows that you can transfer what you see IRL onto paper. Draw what you see around you!
  39. stephalefagus answered: life/observational? I dunno, but theres this great ask about art blog that could help you w/ this ?, if your curious
  40. andiree answered: still life, personally
  41. farietaledreams answered: If technical, I would think landscape but I’m actually not quite sure either. I should research that. It’s a good question to ask.
  42. cryptghast answered: Life/Observational! You portray people so well.
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